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CBD Isolates

CBD Isolates is just powdered CBD and its not sticky. There are different things that you can do with it from  mixing it into baths, drinks, food and many other things since it's flavorless. It works instantly making you feel calm, relaxed, and helps with pain, depression, stress and anxiety. I actually enjoy it because there is so many ways you can use it and you cannot even taste it.  It can take up to 10-15 minutes to dissolve in warm liquids.  Put a pinch in your lip or under your tongue. You can even just sprinkle it into your food, onto your food or just about anywhere for it to just start working.  Most people mix it with coconut oil and use it that way. Whatever way you feel best is the way you use it since there is no right or wrong way.  Get Yours Here!
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URB Vegan Watermelon Gummies Review

 URB Vegan Watermelon Gummies does taste like the juiciest watermelon ever! I enjoy them. Just like the others, they are worth it to get. I personally thought they would be like the birthday cake and not good but they are.  They are sweet and you can really get with the watermelon taste. It doesn't taste like delta like the birthday cake and you can actually get behind it and enjoy it.  Buy URB DELTA THC HERE  (USE THE DROP DOWN TO SELECT                                                                                                                                                                                                   FLAVOR)

URB Green Apple Review

These are stronger than the 125Mg but they are good! They taste like green apples and are sour and sweet like one. If you eat one you will try to eat the whole bottle, that's how good they are but be warned eating the whole bottle you will trip off and your trip will be hell.  It would be worst than the melting and you will end up panicking so much that you may end up even going to the hospital or calling poison control. The 125mg is not bad and perfect if you want to try it out first before moving up to a higher mg. When eating one it took me 10 minutes to feel the effects and it was good and I enjoyed it better than the others.  Buy URB DELTA THC HERE  (USE THE DROP DOWN TO SELECT                                                                                                                                                                                                  FLAVOR)

URB VEGAN Birthday cake THC Delta 8 review

These things do not taste like birthday cake it taste like nothing but delta and thc. These things done its job and knocked my socks right off. I was so high taking these and the trip was worth it when taking one. It started out as these have no effect and then after awhile it kicked in.  I would honestly only suggest taking the right amount the label says or prepare for a trip to hell with everything melting, nothing making sense and your talking so loud and your speech is so slurred and slowed that you have no idea what you are doing, going to do and things are be coming weird and you're in a panic attack trust me that is not fun.  They are 100% vegan and 125Mg of fun unless you take to much, in which I did and I instantly regretted it. I took 3-4 of them and the trip was not fun and it was never ending for 2 hours along with a panic attack but other than that it is alright. BIRTHDAY CAKE GUMMIES HERE

FreeMax Maxus Review

 I enjoy my FreeMax Maxus kind of even more than I did the Smok Morph 219. The FreeMax does not leak once so ever due to the amazing 3 steel ball design that even makes it easier to fill! It is kind of smaller and not all bulky like the Morph. Although it does not have the smart screen and lock it has so much more.  It has a smart load tech meaning there is no right or wrong way to put the batteries in, it is child resistant, you can open the tank loader with a push of the finger and you don't have to struggle with it like most there's no button pushing. This kit it fully upgradable unlike some.  You can even buy the battery cover in a different color if you don't like it. If one of the batteries are dead you can take it out and it can still run off one unlike most. It is rechargeable using USB type C or just taking the batteries out and putting them in the charger. It isn't hard to turn on and off like some  you click the button a few times and its off or on. You click

Smok Prince Stick review

 The Smok Prince Stick is not for the weak! It is a nice vape do not get me wrong but you cannot control the speed, temperature and or Wattage of it. Do not push the button all the way in or you will almost cough out a lung due to how strong and how much smoke comes out.  It is USB rechargeable meaning the batteries do not come out. You can use basically any kind of tank on this. I used my morph tank and guess what it does not leak like it does on the morph mod.  When first using this, there is a strong burning taste and we could not figure out why until I switch tanks and put the old morph tank on it but it wasn't the tank it was the nicotine vape juice burning while inhaling. We basically had to use the old coil on the tank to burn it in and then clean out the new tank and put it on the morph to burn it in since it was brand new.  We even allowed the new coil to soak like you're suppose to and even put some vape juice in the top of the coil so it can soak in more but it didn&

Smok Morph 219 Kit Later Review

 I still love my Smok morph do not get me wrong but it leaks. The o-rings burn out easy and allows the juice to leak from around it. If it's just sitting there be cautious after a few days it can leak if the rings are bad in it.   Turning it off does not save the battery either. Leaving it on it doesn't use much battery as if your turning it off. I actually left my vape on for a week and it didn't die it still has a full battery. The lock and the fire key works great though. It doesn't heat up much on the tank which is great. I simply have no complaints except the leaky seal and it gets everywhere making us have to check it every use or be sure it is good.  I ended up taking the tank from it and use it on a different mod that does not leak and I loved it much more. The mods I now have are the FreeMax and the prince stick. SMOK FIRST REVIEW HERE 


 Kratom is a legal recreational plant and tree form of opioids and it is illegal in some states. It comes in a capsule and or pill. Sometimes it comes in many forms including leaf form or gum and teas.  It basically does the same thing as opioids and act as a pain killer and stimulates your mind. Some sites and or products have not for human consumption on them. Some say it increases your energy and alert system instead of making you woozy and drowsy. It also helps those that are on drugs such as heroin, and opioids withdraw since it still feeds their body the things that they are needing and wanting.  People with anxiety, depression, and pain also uses it to help them cope.   I personally would say take it at your own risk. It causes hallucinations, seizures and many other things. It has the same kind of effect like opioids and any other drug legal or illegal that you take to be honest.  It also kills people if you take other drugs, medicines, alcohol, caffeine and other things with i

CBD for pets

 CBD is not only great great for humans! It also does so much greatness for pets! Pets have their own formulas since they have to have certain things that they are needing. CBD allows pets to relax and stay calm during stressful events. It is also great for when they are in pain. It also helps with their seizures and anxiety and aggression, joint pains, aches, depression, and many more health issues.  Their CBD have less than 0.3% of THC in it just like ours. It is especially great for older pets that have arthritis and other medical issues and the best part is that it is made of 100% natural ingredients that your pets will love no matter big or small.  Pet CBD comes in soft chews, drops for big dogs and cats, medium dogs and cats and small dogs and cats so no pet is left out. There are also treats so it is easy for them to take it even if they are stubborn and dislike taking certain things.  The drops can be mixed with their food or just stuck into their mouths. I would go with the fo

Is Delta 8 to much?

They are trying to ban delta 8 just like delta 9 THC. If you did not know THC gets people high and people are basically calling poison control due to it is to much for them. They are having horrible trips because they took to much or their body just cannot handle it.  Delta 8 is nothing to play with. It can do a lot and make you feel like you are dying if you are not careful and take to much. It made my heart slow down and beat backwards, including time. I couldn't even talk and I kept slurring my words. It made me think weirdly about things I never thought I would and it was just horrible. Everything started to melt like it was candles and spin. I ate 4 125mg gummies and then smoked two hempettes on it and regretted the trip! It could not end quick enough. I felt like I was dying, my mind was racing, the thoughts kept coming. I tried to lay down and sleep but it took forever for me to rest. I was so restless. My body was twitching and moving on its own but some how I f

Vape Juice

 Sometimes vape juice can be a little strong on the nicotine. You can basically get it in any size from 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mgs and 36mgs.  Personally in my opinion the 6mgs chokes you really really bad even through its the second lowest when you inhale it, it burns really really bad and makes you cough really hard so if you are just starting out, start with 3mgs and see how it does you.   There are a bunch of varieties and sometimes you have to shop around to find the ones that you actually want and like. Some companies are really different than others and you can tell it in the taste and smell of it that something is off and or weaker than normal. The flavors are fruity, dessert, ones that taste like nothing, weird tasting ones, tobacco flavored, wine flavors and plenty more.  I personally like the 0mgs since it has been years since I have done tobacco products. I also mix it with CBD. I only mixed a nicotine one and CBD once and it tasted pretty good as long as it the flavors could be

The edibles CBD THC

If you never ate CBD or THC in any form, you are in a world of spin if you do. It would be best to have a friend or someone you trust to be with you for the first time.  If you eat or ingest it and it does not take effect immediately then do not take another one or more on top. Once it gets broken down in your system it will hit you full force and it can make you have a horrible trip that you never want to go on.  If this is your first time using THC your experience will not be as great if you take to much. Everything will slow down and you will take a trip. You're heart will start beating fast and you will start panicking. Things will become weird. This is where your friend or partner comes in at to help calm you down. Trust me you will need someone to keep you grounded and levelheaded.  CBD really do anything but it does calm you down and relax you. CBD also cancels out THC if you have taken to much and start taking a trip that you do not want to take.  THC and CBD ca

Munchies for the first time

Being high whether it is weed, cbd or thc will make you want to eat a lot because of the chemical in the weed or thc releases a lot of hormones especially one  that is called ghrelin and it stimulates that your body is hungry.  Weed and thc intake also can over stimulate your bodies hormones and chemicals. It can also make you go on trips and slow down your digestion system.  So please be sure you have high foods and snacks at all times. Fast food seems to be the first thing people grabs along with candy and chips since it is quick and easy to get and eat.   You may want to eat before you get high to try to counteract it but that will not always be the case because you will end up snacking away until you're high will wear of. Also stay away from super salty things! This will give you cotton mouth and dry it out making you want to drink lots and lots of drink. My first cbd and thc high, I bought so much snack foods and everything else. I only ate half of my snacks and steered clear

Hemper Store

Get a subscription box every month at your door!  Check out Hemper the #1 Smoking Subscription Box, a $125 Value, for only $39.99 while supplies last! It contains 10+ Smoking things every month! They also have edibles and plenty of other things! It is a worth to check them out. Use this link to check them out! Hemper Store use discount code ab9 for 5% off

All About Weed Wax

 Weed wax can be tricky if you never tried it before and you do not know anyone that does it believe me I know.  There is so much to know and do to help you understand and better your high.  The first dab can make you feel so high just like when you eat to many edibles. It will get you super high even if you smoked weed all day. It is super different than what you would think.  The different between the wax and the flower is that the wax can get you higher quickly and it is stronger. It is kind of like smoking a lot of blunts at once.  The dabs or wax allows you to smoke less and get more high out of it and it lasts longer. If you did not know a banger is what you will be smoking your dab or wax in. It is like a bucket so that the wax does not fall out. The nail does on top of the banger and it actually looks like a nail. It is what you heat up and its normally with a dome. Nails can deteriorate over time. This is called Chazzed. Banger deteriorates over time and become foggy/cloudy lo

Just CBD is amazing!

Just CBD is the place I go to get my CBD, edibles and vape juice. I love all their products. The CBD gummies are amazing. My favorite is the rainbows and the apple rings. The cbd vape juice is worth it.  I always get 500mgs unless its something I just want to try then I tend to get 250mgs. They have some great products, flavors and taste. You should check them out! Shipping is quickly and discreet!  They have a lot of cbd products from juice, to oils, gummies, pens, lotions, sunscreen, vitamins basically anything you are needing they probably have it.  My favorite gummies from them are the apple rings, gummy worms and the ribbons. They just remind me of my favorite childhood candies. They have so many different kinds to choose from and they are worth it. You are suppose to take 1 every 6 hours but sometimes I take 3. They also instantly relax you.  They have two offices one located in Florida and one located in the UK!  JUST CBD  US STORE    JUST CBD  UK STORE   Get supplies here GET B

STOP Tobacco products

 It is hard to quit tobacco products, trust me I know. After years of using it, its hard. People use cigarettes as a coping mechanisms when nothing is going right or so much is going on they pull one out and light it or they just do it for no reason except they got use to it and got addicted to it. It is like a drug and the body has just gotten use to it. I know the struggles of smoking pack after pack, using can after can, pouch after pouch trying to stop but cannot figure a way to and it is hard to quit cold turkey since you go through withdraws and those things are not good at all.  Withdraws will make someone want to sneak and use it in hopes people do not find out and then they lie about the smoke smell.   I seen so many people relapse due to the stress in life and trust me tobacco products are not good for the body. It is mixed with tar, nicotine, fiberglass, chemicals and a few other things that are bad including the products that they spray the fields with. It can collapse a lu

My Opinion on Weed

Everyone has their own opinion of things in life and opinions are like buttholes. We all have one and others do not want to hear it or see it.  People are always saying weed is a gateway drug but in actuality it is not the medicine they prescribe you are. Some people are scared of the plant and all that it can do for people.  They always said that its bad to smoke weed but in actuality it was led to believe that. There is nothing wrong with weed and nothing wrong with toking a little.   Weed is good for the mind the body and soul. It helps open up your mind and allows you to see and realize things clearer since it actually makes you think. It helps with pain for cancer patients and plenty of other people that's in pain or dealing with things like anxiety and depression, seizure and other things. It also can help with PTSD and helps the veteran and solider relax. It also is acts as an antiinflammation. It takes the swelling out of things and stops the pain. It also helps seizures an